Everyday is a Blessing Episodes 1-5/5

This new five part documentary series is based on the work of Clare Irish poet and international bestselling author and retired priest John O’ Donahue. The documentary provides a backdrop of his life and times in Co. Clare and the retrieval of the lost art of blessing. Many within the community knew John and enjoyed his writings on the Celtic traditions and the warm engaging flow of his teachings.
John had often remarked on his early childhood which formed his spirituality, highly influenced by his mother and father forming the basis for his Celtic wisdom and his best selling book “Ainm Cara”
The documentary will invoke the lost art of Irish blessing and the Celtic heritage which can be preserved through the realm of radio and heightened in it’s audio landscape to bring his blessings and positive teachings to the rural community of West Clare.
Interviews were carried out on location by Dermot Hayes at the homes of the contributors, namely, Leila Doohan, Patrick McCormack, Martina O’Dea, James Howard and Michael Neylon. RCB is very grateful to all who contributed to the making of this documentary.