Kilkee Civic Trust Summer Talks 2014

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Jack O’Reilly The ‘flighty’ boy from Clare
Speaker: Tony Kinsella


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Limerick Quakers: History, Business, Religion,1655-1900

Speaker: Hiram Wood

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A Kilkee Man in the First World War
Speaker: Michael Nolan


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Manuel:A life less ordinary
Speaker: Manuel Di Lucia


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The Marquesses Conyngham: A Great Irish Landed Family
One of the leading Irish families for over 300 years, the Conynghams, who owned vast estates in Counties Clare, Donegal and Meath. They were also among the leading landowners in Kilkee.

Speaker : Dr. Matthew Potter


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Seasons, Species & Patterns of a North East Atlantic Rocky Shore
A presentation based on a research and photographic project through time (5 years) and space at Ross Beach Loophead.

Speaker :Carmel Madigan


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A tour de force of History, Archaeology, Bio-Diversity of the area.

Speaker :Zena Hoctor