52 Degrees North : Episode 2

On Episode #2 of 52°North we meet a childhood bogeyman, push ourselves to our physical and mental limits, we try to stand against elemental forces beyond our control and we have a brush with death as our contributors and producers explore how we Overcome the Monster.

52 Degrees North : Episode 1

Series Information
52°North is an international collaborative radio series of shared voices and stories. Broadcast from the 52nd Parallel in Kilkee, west Clare, Ireland, 52°N orth blends multiple stories from the Loop Head Peninsula and from contributing stations and producers from across the globe to create an engaging narrative. Produced by Sean Callahan .

On Episode #001 of 52°North, we dive to the heart of who we are and where we find our talents, we hear the birth story of a suite of music commemorating an exodus, sudden generosities will be rewarded, we will harness the elements and discover there’s more to a recent visitor that you thought you knew as our producers and contributors investigate Origins.

Shellshock Town

Dermot Hayes reporting on the impact on some of our local residents;
While the 1916 Rising was going on in Dublin and other parts of the country a significant war was taking place in Europe – over 17 million people lost their lives. A large number of young men from Co. Clare were involved. Many were killed and many of the survivors were shell shocked when they came home.
Over 400 men left the town of Kilrush during that time. It is a story that I felt profoundly affected by in that I had not heard it told before in any situation. I am deeply grateful to all the contributors who shared these important stories. I hope this documentary will shed some light on what actually happened to those men during that terrible time