Maritime Stories

West Clare has been shaped and moulded by the water that surrounds it. Here, Ireland’s
longest river the Shannon merges into the mighty Atlantic and from there the waters stretch
West towards America. The river and ocean have given rise to many stories and formed a
backdrop for many events over the years, some joyous, some sad, some scarcely believable,
as well as providing much needed employment and transport. This series features a cross
section of stories and events, from the mythical to the everyday and will help highlight the
continuing importance of maritime life in this region.
Each episode of Maritime Stories will see Raidio Corca Baiscinn travel along the coastline.
We’ll hear from a variety of contributors, from those working on the sea, to those who
organise the Currach regattas each summer, from those charged with saving the seafarers, to
those who watch and endeavour to conserve the wildlife. Each contributor offers a short
snapshot of their own involvement and invites us to share their perspective on why the waters
around West Clare are much more than just a scenic amenity.

Programme 1 – Michael Falsey – Quilty in the 1940’s

Programme 2 – Loopheaad Lighthouse visit

Programme 3 – Michael talty – Sea Veg Fertilizer ,Times Past.

Programme 4 – Part 1 The 1941 Plane Crash – Aideen O Mahony.

Programme 5 – Part 2 The 1941 Plane Crash – Aideen O Mahony

Programme 6 – Part 3 The 1941 Plane Crash – Aideen O Mahony.

Programme 7 – Wild irish sea veg pt 1 Evan Talty

Coming Soon!

Programme 8 – RNLI – Pauline Dunleavy Kilrush Lifeboat Staion

Coming Soon!

Programme 9 – Walk To Mutton Island Michael Falsey

Programme 10 – Brendan and Kitty Garvey Part 1

Programme 11 – Prog 11 Brendan and Kitty Garvey Part 2

Programme 12 – Mutton Island with Michael Falsey

Programme 13 – San Marcus 1588 Shipwreck with John Treacy

Programme 14 – Lighthouse Satellite Signals with Brendan Garvey

Programme 15 – Wreck of The Leon 1907 Song Michael Falsey